Monday, June 21, 2010

We had a great Father's Day at the Swanson house! We are very grateful for the 2 wonderful dads in the family -- Roger and David. And we miss and remember with much love my Dad, Wallace.

David got to plan his day, so he picked Outback Steakhouse for lunch and then a round of golf. The weather was beautiful (if a little warm!) so the course was crowded. I piloted the golf cart from one patch of shade to the next while David and the kids played. Below is a picture I took while they were warming up.

Rachael had a great round. I am amazed at her patience for this game which is so frustrating to so many people. If something goes wrong, she just moves on to her next shot. She had a ball go off in the wrong direction and David said, "Talk to it", so she said, "Bad ball!"

Trevor, on the other hand, is not that interested in golf at the moment. He spent a lot of time picking up lost balls and tees that were "barely broken, I think you can still use it". I think the picture below may have been taken at the only hole he actually played. He is barefoot because he was searching the creek for lost balls at every stop. And because he's my Arkansas boy!

We finished off our Father's Day celebration at Dairy Queen!
David, you deserve all the celebration you can get! You are an amazing father and our kids know it! We love you!!!

Trevor made it home from camp on Saturday. He was tired and hungry! But he had a great time and had lots of stories to tell. I will write more about his camp in a future post.

Rachael left today for camp after a few last-minute worries about whether any of her friends would be in her cabin. By the time David dropped her off, she had found out that she knows her counselor and several cabin-mates -- crisis averted! We look forward to hearing her stories when she gets home on Friday.

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