Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baseball, Spring 2010

Trevor is playing baseball for the first time this year. He decided he wanted to play after everyone had already started practice, and we couldn't get him on a team with any of his friends, but he has been learning a lot and doing great. He plays in the Rogers league for the Rockies. David just told me last night that they are ranked #2 in their....well I don't know what it is called, but anyway....sounds good to me! His coach, Tom, is just wonderful with the kids and so are the assistants -- we are blessed to have Trevor on that team.

Obviously, since Trevor started late and hadn't played before, he had some catching up to do. It has been a great learning experience. In 2 different games, he has batted in the winning runs. After every game, Coach Tom calls the team together and gives everyone kudos for something they did in that game. If they did something really spectacular, they receive a game ball signed by the coaches. Trevor has received the game ball twice.

We're headed for our last regular game of the season tonight -- Go Rockies!

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