Thursday, June 17, 2010


Here's a little preview of a future post. Trevor left for church camp yesterday. Below is a picture someone at camp posted on Facebook of Trevor and his friend Stevie. Think they're having fun?

But today's post is really about Rachael's first time to babysit on her own. She kept our little friend Will, who is 21 months old, on Tuesday night while his mother had a meeting at their house. The kids and I have kept him a couple of times but this was her first solo gig.

Things started off a little rough; Will didn't understand why he had to stay in the playroom instead of with his mom. I stuck around awhile to get them off on the right foot. After we got him off the floor in the corner of his room, where he was softly crying, we took him to the playroom and distracted him until he forgot about Mama for a minute. Then we strapped him into his stroller and Rachael set off to walk around the block with him. I made the first lap with them, then headed out myself.

Rachael did a great job with him! They walked for awhile and played in the backyard. Will saw Jenna through the window once and said, "Mama". Jenna said that Rachael grabbed him up and took him around the corner quickly and that was the end of that. When I came to pick her up, they were playing in his room and he didn't even pay attention to his mom when she came to check on them. Rachael really enjoyed her evening and I think Will did too.

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