Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Update on Baseball

Trevor had such a great baseball game last night that I just had to do another post about it. On the hitting side, he got 3 hits (one double) and a walk and scored 3 times. He got to slide into home for one of his runs, which he really loved!

But the real accomplishment was that he pitched for the first time in a game. The coach wants to give everyone a chance to pitch and this is something Trevor had been dreading. Every game he would be worried that he would have to pitch. I mean sick-at-his-stomach worried. It was just something new and you have to stand out there all by yourself and everyone is watching -- I can see where it would be nerve-wracking. So last night he saw his name on the list to pitch and spent the whole game hoping the game would be over before it was his turn. In the top of the last inning, when his team was at bat, he was relieved because Michael was up to pitch next. And Michael did pitch next and did a good job, but was getting tired, so the coach put Trevor in with 2 outs. So he got to pitch to 1 batter. I could tell he was nervous, but he did really well. His throws were hard enough to get to the plate. Some were a little high, so he got to a full count and on the last pitch the batter swung and missed so the game was over. Trevor came back to the dugout and told us "That was actually fun -- sorta". It doesn't even matter how he did; it's just fun to see your kids conquering fears, trying new things, and getting over hurdles. And hey, as David said, "he pitched a no-hitter"!


  1. Okay, lets see if this works! I've been trying SO hard to figure out how to respond to your blog. Maybe I've finally got it. So glad you started one. I love keeping up with you and yours, especially since we don't get to see each other very often. Rachael's pictures are gorgeous ... of course! And I thought Trevor couldn't look any more like his daddy last time I saw him, but I was wrong. He's absolutely David made-over! Sounds like ya'll have lots of family fun going on. Love you, Sue-Carol

  2. Hi, it worked! And I see that you are now a follower too, you techno-whiz!