Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dance, Dance, Dance!

This post is about Rachael's dance recital, but because I am not an expert at uploading photos, we will talk about the dog in the picture below first, since this pic is at the top and I can't move itThis little guy appeared on the rocks on the other side of our cove. The kids swam over to say hi and he swam back with them and climbed up onto my raft, breathing like he might have a heart attack! He hung out with us all afternoon. I swam him back to his side of the cove, but he swam right back with me! We named him Charlie. He's welcome at the dock any time.

And now...on to the dance recital: Rachael danced in both nights of the recital this year. On Friday night she filled in for a girl who had to drop out about 2 months ago. We are so proud that Rachael was one of 4 dancers awarded a dance scholarship for next year! I really appreciate her teachers choosing to recognize her for her hard work and passion for dance. It really is her thing!

This is Rachael with her gansta friend Madeline. Madeline is in costume for her hip hop number.

This is Rachael's tap costume. They danced to "Sweet Georgia Brown". It was a really good dance.

This is her costume for her jazz dance to "Million Dollar Bill". That costume is really cute but there us a price for beauty -- those sparkly things were sharp! The girls were all scratched up.
We are so glad that Roger & Shirley got to come for a visit to see Rachael in her recital and to watch one of Trevor's baseball games. In between, we squeezed in some lake time and some time to play golf and tennis. Did I take any pictures? Nope, but I'm really trying to do better! We can't wait to see GG and Papa again!

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