Monday, July 19, 2010

Vacation in Mexico

Two weeks ago, we took a great vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We stayed at a really nice Hilton resort. The kids were excited to get to fly and to go out of the country. By the end of the trip, we were all even using a few Spanish words. This picture is David and the kids in the infinity pool looking out over the ocean. This was mostly a lounge-by-the-pool vacation for me, which is my favorite kind. I think I read about 4 books! This picture was taken at Edith's, where we went for dinner one night. It got a little cool and the kids and I ended up wrapped up in the serapes that you see hanging on the chairs. Rachael was serenaded by the mariachi band. That little senorita got a lot of attention!
The ocean was very rough while we were there, but we ventured in a little bit. One day we decided to walk to a public beach that is a good place to snorkel. This picture does not do justice to the waves, which would sometimes be about 20 feet high. And they seemed to come up very fast -- you'd just be walking along and suddenly there was a huge wave towering above your head. We couldn't actually walk to the beach where we were headed after all, so we headed up to the road and got on a bus to take us the rest of the way. David and Rachael snorkeled, but the water was to cold for Trevor and me. The water was so rough and the sand so stirred up that they couldn't see much. We had some adventures riding the buses (we were just too cheap to take taxis everywhere). Once we got on the wrong bus, even after asking where it went. We rode around for awhile and then the driver told us to get off and gave us directions to the right bus. Also, the bus stops are not necessarily marked. You can just stand along the highway and a bus will stop for you.

This was the part of the vacation that I looked forward to the most -- eating lunch at the swim-up bar in the pool at the hotel. We ate lunch there on our first day. I was determined to do it again on our last day, but that day it was very cold. My family indulged me and shivered their way through lunch, though.

The kids wanted to get one of these beds by the pool every day. Finally on our last day, David went out early and got us a bed -- the best one, in fact.

The highlight of the trip for David and Trevor was catching this striped marlin. It was 8 feet long. They fished with Roberto, who had taken David and his dad and his friend Mike fishing 18 years ago when we were in Cabo. Rachael and I went for the first day of fishing, but she got too seasick to go again, so we missed the marlin catch. This is going to be mounted (actually, they make a replica). Trevor tells me it is going above my bed. Trevor also tells me he is going to be a fishing guide in Mexico when he grows up. He is ready to go to work for Roberto any time.

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